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Who We Are

As the only Children's Advocacy Center in Bexar County, ChildSafe's mission is to restore dignity, hope, and trust to children traumatized by abuse and neglect.



What We Do

Our core services include forensic interviews, crisis intervention, case management, individual, group, and family therapy and adventure therapy to aid in the healing of child victims, with the support of their protective family members.

ChildSafe provides evidenced based therapy to children exposed to child abuse and neglect. ChildSafe's intervention program is critical to significantly lowering maladaptive coping patterns that lead to long term chronic health problems. A continuum of therapeutic care is provided to survivors of child abuse and their non-offending family members. ChildSafe imagines a world where no child is ever victimized, where every single boy and girl in the county grows up protected, nurtured, cherished, and empowered, and where adults know how to recognize the potential for abuse and take action. We are fervently working to stop the cycle of abuse with prevention education and outreach.


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